About the Hap Ki Do Federation of the city of Tashkent


Federation "Hap Ki Do" of the city of Tashkent

was officially registered in the Department of Justice of the city of Tashkent

August 5, 2005, No. 98/15/489

The main objectives of the activity: the development of amateur and professional sports “Hap Ki Do”, its use for the comprehensive development of the personality, the establishment of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the creation of conditions for this sport to be practiced by sports societies and citizens, the organization of sports competitions, educational sports and recreation events.

COURSES (theoretical and practical):

We can prepare qualified:

  1. Trainer - Instructor;
  2. Trainer - Teacher;
  3. Coaches - in Sport;
  4. Judge - National Category / International Category;
  5. Chief Judge;
  6. Deputy Chief Judge;
  7. Chief Secretary;
  8. Deputy Chief Secretary;
  9. Senior Judge (at the table);
  10. Informant Judge;
  11. Judge - Timekeeper;
  12. Secretary;
  13. Referee (central) judge;
  14. Side judge;
  15. Attester (attestation): for colored belts 12 gyps, 1 gyp inclusive / black belt and up to 1st Dan inclusive).

We carry out sports training sessions


You can also become

a Qualified Instructor